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Ninja Plumber in Thousand Oaks has built a reputation for being speedy, efficient, and precision, just like the legendary ninjas of feudal Japan. Being impressively skilled is only part of what makes our plumbing company so popular, though. Our honesty, courtesy, and cleanliness also set us apart from our competitors.

What is the Ninja Plumber difference?

  • Fast local favorite since 2013
  • 600+ positive online reviews from confirmed customers
  • 24/7 availability for plumbing emergencies
  • Never leave a mess behind – it’s like we were never even there

If you’re tired of relying on slow and slovenly plumbers making a mess in your home and of plumbing projects, then make the switch to Ninja Plumbing. We know you’ll be happy you did.

Dial (818) 649-5559 to schedule your next plumbing service in Thousand Oaks.

Piping & Repiping Throughout Your Home

Our plumbers from Ninja Plumber can handle essentially any plumbing service you can imagine, but we are known for our piping and repiping specialties. When you want to remodel or upgrade your home, piping becomes necessary. We can install new pipes throughout your house with minimal disruption to the walls, flooring, and so forth.

Repiping is necessary when there is extensive damage to your home’s pipework. Repairs in such situations could be more costly and less effective than repiping. We also recommend repiping your home if you have not replaced the pipework in 10 or 15 years.

Drain Services to Bust Apart the Worst Clogs

How can you tell if a drain in your home is clogged?

  • Pooling water: Turn on a faucet and put a few drops of food coloring in the water. The drop will make it easy for you to watch how quickly the water flows away. If it seems slow – or you actually see the water forming a standing pool – then there is probably a clog.
  • Foul odor: Another telltale sign that there is a clog down the drain is a bad smell that permeates throughout the room. Water that gets stuck in a pipe becomes stagnant and can cause mold growth, which makes the foul odor. You might even smell the rot of food waste that becomes lodged in the pipe beneath your kitchen sink.

When your drains need some attention, count on Ninja Plumber in Thousand Oaks. We show no mercy to any clog or other drain problem. Using hydro jetting technology, we can bust apart tough clogs comprised of grease, food waste, inorganic waste, tree roots, and more.

Remember: Off-the-shelve drain-clearing products use harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and your pipes. Some are so caustic that they can chew through the pipe and cause a leak. It is best to not take your chances and leave any drain cleaning to a professional plumber like Ninja Plumber.

Repairing Sewer Lines With Precision & Urgency

A sewer line problem is unhygienic and unsafe. Wastewater backflow can contaminate your home’s potable water, making people sick when they drink from the faucet or take a shower. It might also overflow from toilets and drains, creating an immediate biohazard in your home!

At Ninja Plumber, we understand the urgency of a sewer line issue. When we get a call from a customer in Thousand Oaks, we do all we can to get to their home as soon as possible. Upholding the greatest customer experience possible is our passion.

Need our help with a plumbing service? Please contact us online now.

Customer Reviews

  • “Fantastic! We've used the Ninja's on three separate occasions over the last few years and will call them anytime we need!”

    - Natalie S.
  • “Courteous and capable professionals. Reasonable price.”

    - Benjamin L.
  • “alled Ninja Plumber and they were quick to come out.”

    - Eva E
  • “We called the next morning and Ninja Plumber had a serviceman out to us within and hour.”

    - Susan E.
  • “We called the next morning and Ninja Plumber had a serviceman out to us within and hour.”

    - Susan E.

Why Choose Us?

  • Convenience

    We are centrally located, available 24/7 and provide same-day appointments

  • Our Passion

    We are passionate about serving our customers and bringing peace of mind.

  • Our Reputation

    We have over 600 positive reviews online from legitimate customers.

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